Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire




" Before i began lessons with Jayne i had no confidence, but now i get really excited about singing in front of others and i can't wait to do another Performance" ..... EmmA

" I Love my Singing Lessons, i've learned so much and its totally 'ME time'! "

" I can't beleive i've been singing for years but had never done a proffessional recording, now i've got an albums worth of material to play in the car!" Tim

" The Change in my Daughters Voice is quite incredible, her range is wider and the showcases have been amazing for her confidence" Sue

" I've always wanted to write my own songs and be able to perform them and coming to Jayne has helped me to do both!" Kelly

“I want to thank The Singing Space for getting me here today. My voice has reached millions, my trance debut has been a success and I snagged the ASOT #1. I owe it all to Jayne for telling me I can ,Best mentor ever! Thank you x” Clare Stagg (Black Hole Recording artist


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